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Teams Integration

Integrate Teams with your LMS Easily & Securely

Allows you to ingest Teams recordings, negating the need to store your content on Teams Cloud, saving you money

Content Management system with advanced Content Retention Policies & Analytics so you keep only what you need


Integrates tightly with your LMS allowing Teachers to add Teams Meeting Recordings to course pages with a few clicks

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moodle video assignment plugin

Manage & Secure Your Video Content

MEDIAL ingests Teams Meeting Recordings for secure delivery via adaptive bit rate technology. Content can be managed via the MEDIALibrary CMS 


Quick Access to add Recordings to your LMS

MEDIAL provides an easy way for Teams Meeting Recordings to automatically end up in your users account in the LMS, allowing them to easily add or embed in a course page


Powerful Analytics

Admins and Teachers have powerful Analytics so that they can see which Recordings are being viewed and by whom in terms of Student Engagement


Easy in browser editing

Gives Teachers powerful in browser editing tools so that they can Trim, Chop or even create new media assets out of an existing Recording as a destructive or non destructive edit

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