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Publish, Archive and Schedule all in a few clicks 


Live Streaming made Simple... 


You want to stream your live event but you want the process to be painless and simple, without requiring specialist knowledge 


MEDIAL simplifies the Live Streaming workflow so that once the live stream is started getting it published and archived is a simple as pressing a button

Powered by

One click

Once your encoder is started, there is just one click required to make your live stream available to your audience

MEDIAL does all of the hard work for you by creating a web page where the live stream is running, which can be embedded wherever you like

Auto archive
& protect

Once the live stream has ended, MEDIAL sets to work archiving the event to a predefined content category

Both the live stream itself and the archived files can be permissioned so that only the right users can see them now and ongoing. All linked with your Active Directory or LDAP

Streams to
all devices, using 
any encoder

There are a vast array of devices that can be used to playback media and users expect their device to be properly supported by whatever systems they use

MEDIAL isn't fussy when it comes to the encoder that is used to transmit the live stream either - hardware or software

Schedule for availability

Making live events available by date or time is as simple as a few clicks

MEDIAL's live stream scheduling function allows you to select date and time range as well as adding a buffer in case the event runs over or starts early

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The MEDIALive App a live audio and video capture and encoding application for iOS and Android. Use the MEDIALive App to broadcast HD-quality live events on the go from any location to any screen through the MEDIAL media library.


Connect the MEDIALive App to MEDIAL which uses a built in Wowza Streaming Engine™ to capture and stream live audio and video content in real time over Wi-Fi, 4G, or 3G.

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FREE* 30 day trial account allowing content upload and playback to all devices, restricted by log in
On premise Pilot Installation


FREE* 30 day pilot installation on your hardware in your environment, allowing all functions of MEDIAL


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FREE* 30 day trial of MEDIAL in Cloud Hosted environment




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Price on Application - please specifiy storage and bandwidth requirements when enquiring




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