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Easily Add, Record and Secure Video in Moodle

The MEDIAL Plugin for Moodle allows you to quickly and easily upload and edit video.

Students can respond to Video Assignments and receive video feedback via the Grade Book. 

Lecturers can easily add video to Course Pages and create Video Assignments.

Watch a Quick Overview

Moodle Demo
moodle video assignment plugin

Protect Your Video Content

MEDIAL enables lecturers to create video based assignments that students can respond to with video, safe in the knowledge that their content is secure.

moodle video plugin grade book

Grade Book Integration

MEDIAL Plugin for Moodle hooks into the Moodle Grade Book allowing lecturers to view student video assignments and grade them all without leaving Moodle.

moodle video plugin

Quickly Add Video to Moodle

MEDIAL provides an easy way to securely upload large media files to a media server that is integrated with Moodle to efficiently stream media content to your users.

Image by visuals

Zoom & Teams Integrations

Allows you to ingest meeting recordings, negating the need to store your content on elsewhere, saving you money. Teachers can add Meeting Recordings to course pages with a few clicks

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