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In the blink of an eye, the world has changed
and so has 


The new generation has grown up in this digital landscape so they, more than anyone else, have a high level of expectation from an online learning environment. 


With MEDIAL working behind the scenes for you, students will be able to learn and participate in new interactive ways, your organization will be able to boost its LMS, and teachers will have more time for what really matters to them: teaching. 


Leverage your resources and allow MEDIAL to bring out the best in your Learning Management System.

Centralize your Video Content


MEDIALibrary is a secure YouTube-like library. Whether it’s on premises or in the cloud, MEDIAL can be used to store and protect your content.

Live Streaming made Simple


Give your users a single URL to visit before, after or during the Live event. Branded and flexible to your Live Streaming workflow.


Industry Leading LMS Integrations

Ability to upload or record video, create and respond to video assignments and track student engagement using our LMS Integrations

Capture Video Anywhere

MEDIALecture gives you the flexibility to record your screen, your webcam, your voice or all three on any machine, then instantly upload to a MEDIAL category linking to your Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas

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