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Scalability & High Availability


One size doesn't fit all, MEDIAL lets you scale with the increasing demands placed on your organization

MEDIAL can run as a Load Balanced pair behind your Load Balancer

It's the perfect way to ensure Uptime and Redundancy while at the same time spreading load of web traffic


The added benefit here is that Transcoding speeds are also doubled as two MEDIAL instances are working the queue at once

Load Balanced Pair

As your Media Library becomes more popular and more tightly embedded within your media strategy and Virtual Learning Environments so will the demands placed on the system


MEDIAL can scale with this demand by allowing you to deploy extra Transcoding Instances which will work on the queue of media to be processed


Transcoding Instances are installed on additional physical or virtual machines to increase the speed at which MEDIAL transcodes media



Transcoding Instances
High Availability & Throughput


By combining both Load Balancing and adding extra computing power through deploying Transcoding Instances you can create a high availability system which can deal with high demand


Many of our established customers look to deploy such a set up where there are large peaks in demand e.g. around submission dates for assignments where it is important that the queue is processed quickly and the system is always available




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