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Video Integration with Canvas made Easy & Affordable with MEDIAL


Are you tired of grappling with limited video tools in Canvas?

Watch below, as we unveil the game-changer you've been waiting for - MEDIAL's Canvas Video Solution!

Key Highlights

✅ Seamless Integration: Discover how MEDIAL effortlessly integrates with Canvas, turning your learning environment into a multimedia powerhouse.

✅ Advanced Features: Say goodbye to limitations! Explore a world of advanced video editing, assignment submissions, and analytics, all in one place.

✅ Lightning-Fast Performance: No more waiting around! Experience swift upload and processing times, ensuring your content is ready to shine when you need it.

✅ Ample Storage: Bid farewell to storage woes. MEDIAL provides the space you need for all your video content without breaking the bank.

✅ Screen and Webcam Capture: Learn how MEDIAL empowers students to submit video assignments in Canvas with ease, capturing both their screen and webcam for a comprehensive and engaging submission process.

✅ Crystal-Clear Quality: Elevate your video content with top-notch quality and resolution, ensuring an immersive learning experience for all.

- Affordable Solutions: Transform your Canvas experience without breaking the budget! Discover how MEDIAL brings you cutting-edge video solutions at an unbeatable price

Comparison with the inbuilt video tools in Canvas

Demo of MEDIAL Canvas Video App

Associated Slides

Video Integration with Canvas made Easy & Affordable with MEDIAL
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