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Moodle™ Video Streaming Servers: Options and How to Set Up

Updated: Mar 28

Why Use a Video Streaming Server With Moodle™

Using a video solution like MEDIAL offers significant advantages over simply hosting videos on YouTube and embedding them within Moodle™. With MEDIAL, videos are secured within your own CMS, ensuring admin management, individual user logins, and retention of content rights.

Speed & Security

Hosting videos on a dedicated video platform provides full control over content and archives, ensuring copyright retention and compliance with data protection requirements. This contrasts with YouTube, which may not be suitable for private or copyright-sensitive content used within Moodle™.

Deep Integration

Another key benefit of utilizing a video solution tailored for Moodle™ is its seamless integration. Teachers prefer solutions that allow them to upload videos, obtain links, or embed code directly within Moodle™, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. This ensures a seamless user experience, sparing both teachers and students from learning additional systems.

Options for Embedding Video in Moodle™


MEDIAL is a video solution for Teachers and Students that allows them to easily add, record and edit content securely without leaving their familiar Moodle™ system. It can even work with your SSO for even easier access and less passwords to remember!

The MEDIALibrary is your own Content Management System, used privately and/or with public facing content, not taking up Moodle™ storage, allowing easy management and control over your media. MEDIAL also allows you to live stream and has integrations with Teams and Zoom, easily accessing and sharing within Moodle™.

The MEDIAL Plugins allow teachers and students to add video to any text editor within Moodle™, or as a stand alone MEDIAL activity. With MEDIAL, users can Upload videos from their computer or device, record with device camera or webcam, or capture their screen. Search for existing content added to the MEDIALibrary, where users can also manage and edit their videos and captions. Easily view analytics and student engagement on videos added using the MEDIAL Plugin.

Add video at every stage of Teacher Assignment, Student Submission and Teacher Feedback within the Grade Book - Watch Short Video Overview

Why not try it out for free - Request a FREE TRIAL

Flexible pricing options whether you self host On Premise, need a managed SaaS system or start with a lower budget on a stripped back Moodle™ integration system. Prices start from $195 per month. Take a closer look at pricing or book an appointment to discuss your requirements.

YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube is available within Moodle™, but users have to upload content to YouTube first and then use the embed option or link to separately login to and add to Moodle™. As such users often overlook privacy, ownership, and copyright issues with their own content being stored on the YouTube platform.

Vimeo is a low cost way to embed video into Moodle™ and use a CMS for storage, managing content and viewing analytics. However, you do have to work between the two systems as Vimeo does not have a Moodle™ integration or Plugin.


Kaltura offers a cloud-based only video management system that integrates with Moodle™. While you can easily use the Kaltura Plugin to add content in Moodle™, any editing or viewing of analytics on those videos can only be done via the Kaltura system itself. While scalable and capable of handling large volumes of video content, Kaltura's higher cost and technical complexity may mean a steep learning curve for users.


Panopto, like Kaltura, is a paid cloud-based only product that integrates Moodle™. While the plugin enables users to upload, record and offers basic management of video within Moodle™, users still have to login separately to Panopto to edit videos or view analytics. Similar to Kaltura, less tech-savvy users may struggle with its full range of features. While Panopto benefits from searchable content based on its own captioning and accessibility features, there are increasing costs as users take up more storage.

How to Use MEDIAL’s Moodle™ Video Plugins

MEDIAL provides a user-friendly interface for recording, managing and sharing content securely, and integrates with LMSs and Third Party systems including Zoom and Teams. MEDIAL can also be self hosted On Premise or SaaS

Install the Plugin Set Through

  1. Log on to

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Plugins under DOWNLOADS.

3. Enter 'MEDIAL' in the search box and click on Search.

4. There are 5 plugin elements which can be installed: MEDIAL Video Streaming Activity, MEDIAL TinyMCE Editor, MEDIAL Video Streaming Assignment Activity, MEDIAL ATTO Editor and the MEDIAL Video Feedback Plugin.

Not all of the plugin elements need to be installed. As a minimum, the MEDIAL Video Streaming Assignment Activity must be installed so it can be configured in Moodle. If only the ATTO editor is used in Moodle however, the TinyMCE Editor plugin may not need to be installed.

  1. Click on the MEDIAL Video Streaming Activity plugin.

2. Click on Install Now.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the install.

4. Repeat the steps above to install the other desired plugin elements.

Follow MEDIALs quick and easy guide on configuring, customizing and testing the Plugins here

Add video at every stage of Teacher Assignment, Student Submission and Teacher Feedback within the Grade Book - Watch Short Video Overview

Why not try it out for free - Request a FREE TRIAL


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