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MEDIALecture - Record your screen via the Portal

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

· Login to your video Portal through a web browser using your establishment login credentials:

· Select the RECORD icon at the top of the page:

Note: If you have not used the MEDIALecture Screen Capture Tool before you will be prompted to download it, screen prompts will talk you through the steps, it is a very small download and shouldn’t take long. After downloaded you will need to select the RECORD button at the top of the page again

· When the MEDIALecture Screen Capture Tool launches be conscious that it could be minimized in the Task Bar or Doc, or on another screen or behind another application, if running you will see the MEDIAL icon on the Task Bar or Doc:

· The MEDIALecture Screen Capture Tool interface looks like this:

· You can get straight on recording by selecting any of the 4 options, or check you have the right webcam and mic selected on the Settings tab

· For more in depth instructions on using the MEDIALecture Screen Capture Tool, please visit:, or speak to your MEDIAL Administrator

Note: If you cannot see any menu mentioned, do not know your logins or do not know if you have the correct permissions setup, please contact your MEDIAL Administrator at your establishment; if you are unsure who this is we can try to direct you as best we can


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