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MEDIAL | v7 Feature List

Updated: May 5, 2021

v7 is here! See below for a comprehensive list of New Features and Enhancements that have been added. Check out some our video content below as well to see the new features in more detail

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Video Quizzes

Add Interactivity to your MEDIAL video or audio files by adding Quiz Questions (True or False, Multiple Choice, or Free Text Answers). Also add Annotations as a video overlay or clickable links either as Text or images. Gives Teachers the ability to see results either in MEDIAL or the LMS

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Content Policies

Enables MEDIAL Admins to archive or purge content based on a business rule. For example delete all content not played in last two years. The business rule can be applied to the entire MEDIAL or be based on category, group, user or LMS course

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Closed Captions

v7 brings the introduction of Human Transcription. Accuracy of ASR is also significantly improved by the integration with Verbit. There are also enhancements to player accessibility in terms of configurability of closed captions and a workflow allowing users to request captions