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MEDIAL | Live Streaming using OBS

Below is an article which explains briefly how to do a live stream using Open Broadcaster (OBS) the universally popular media encoder with MEDIAL

You can download OBS from

Before you start...

You need to verify that source authentication is set up on your Wowza Streaming Engine (the underlying streaming server which MEDIAL uses)

If you have access to the Wowza Streaming Engine Admin, then go there and go to:

Server -> Source Authentication -> Add Source

Then Add your username and password and click + Add

NOTE: If you do not have access to the Wowza Streaming Engine Admin then contact your MEDIAL Admin or MEDIAL Support to set up the username and password


Live Streaming -> Settings

Add the username and password in the previous step to the Live Streaming Settings in MEDIAL where indicated below

Now Add a New Channel by going to Live Channels & by clicking Add New

Go through the process of adding a New Channel and when you get to the Live Source page note down the highlighted settings

OBS Set up

Open OBS and click on Settings

Go to Stream and then select Custom Streaming Server

Use the settings from your MEDIAL Channel's Live Source settings in OBS as indicated

Click Start Streaming in OBS

Go to MEDIAL Live Streaming Playback page for the Channel to watch Live Stream


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