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MEDIAL | Integrate Teams with Moodle Easily and Securely - Recording

Microsoft Teams has become an integral tool to facilitate Education for Teachers and Students alike.

However, the process of sharing those Teams Meetings Recordings or making them available in Moodle can be complex

Things are also about to change in the near future with Teams Meetings Recordings migrating from Microsoft Stream to One Drive and Sharepoint

This will create new challenges for Teachers and Admins alike and some key shortcomings at launch with regards to usability, content management & security

In just 15 minutes we will show you how the MEDIAL Plug for Moodle integrates with Microsoft Teams to:

• Automatically ingest Teams Meeting Recordings into Moodle

• Allow teachers to easily edit and embed their recordings into Moodle Course Pages or Activities

• Protect your content and reduce the complexity of sharing

• View detailed analytics about student engagement with Teams Meeting Recordings


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