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MEDIAL | How to enable todays' teachers and trainers to create engaging video content

Video is engrained in the everyday lives of Generation Z. When it comes to Teaching and Learning the relationship between Teachers and Students and how the latter learn and communicate has changed markedly over recent times.

Teachers need the right tools so that they can effortlessly create engaging content that will resonate with this new and increasingly isolated audience

Join this webinar to learn:

• Industry trends and the science behind what makes content engaging for students

• How others have used both hi and lo tech methodology to create appealing student experiences

• How Teachers can use MEDIAL’s Tools to easily create content and video assignments all without having to leave your LMS - whether that be Moodle, Canvas or Blackboard

Can't attend? Don't worry. Simply fill out the registration form anyway and we'll email you the link to the recorded version after the event


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