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MEDIAL – Canvas Student Video Submission

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

If you cannot see any menu mentioned, do not know your logins or do not know if you have the correct permissions setup, please contact your MEDIAL Administrator at your establishment; if you are unsure who this is we can try to direct you as best we can

1. Login to Canvas as you would normally and navigate to where the assignment is. You can open the assignment and view as you would usually; there may be a video to watch

2. To submit a video response to the assignment, select the ‘Submit Assignment’ button at the top right of the screen:

This opens a text entry area for you, where you can add a video via a button on the text editor:

If you are prompted to login please do so using your establishment details, if you are unsure what these are then contact your MEDIAL Administrator

You will be given options depending on your permissions to do some or all of the following:



This will guide you through an UPLOAD Wizard (tabs may vary depending on your establishments workflow):