• Georgina

MEDIAL – Blackboard Student Video Submission

Updated: Apr 21

1. Login to your Blackboard:

2. Go to My Courses:

3. Go to Content:

4. Then select the Assignment to which you wish to respond:

5. You may be prompted to login using your University, College or work login credentials. If prompted to do so type in your username and password and click Login:

6. Review your Assignment and then Scroll down to 'Write submission' to do your video response to the assignment:

7. You may need to expand the menu bar on the Text Editor to see the Mashups Menu:

8. You the need to select MEDIAL from the Mashups Drop-down Menu:

9. You will be given the following options depending on your permissions:


This will guide you through an UPLOAD Wizard (tabs may vary depending on your establishments workflow):

IMPORTANT: Once a file has been added, you MUST make sure you ‘SUBMIT’ on the Blackboard page (or Save Draft if you would like to continue editing later):