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Decrease Upload Time of your Submission (Android)

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Below is an article which explains best practice for producing content using Android devices for use with MEDIAL. This article concentrates on the most important aspect of this subject i.e. making sure that the content that you produce is not unnecessarily large and therefore time consuming to upload while maintaining quality

Before you start recording....

The single most important thing that you can do to make sure that the size of your file is sensible (and not time consuming to upload) is to adjust the resolution that your Android device will record at.

To do this in advance, go to:

Settings -> Apps -> Camera -> Camera Settings -> Rear Video Size (Front video size if using forward facing camera to record) -> Select HD 1280 x 720 (30 fps)

Or you can do this at the time of recording:

Open Camera for Video -> Settings (cog top left) -> Select HD 1280 x 720 (30 fps)

Selecting this option will make your video up to 5-6 times smaller than at UHD at 60fps. If you are concerned about quality you could select FHD 1920 x 1080 (30 fps), this will make your video around 3 times smaller but quality will be slightly better.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using a UHD resolution is not necessary for the vast majority of videos viewed on the web and will just make your file size very large and take up a lot of space on your device.

Other Things to Consider

Do you have enough storage left?