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Manually Re-installing MEDIALecture on Mac OS Catalina

To install a new version of MEDIALecture on Mac OS Catalina you first need to uninstall your current version of MEDIALecture

To do this locate MEDIALecture in Applications

Then either drag the Application into Trash or Right click to "Move to Bin/Trash"

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you also delete this file from the Trash/Bin

Then cut and paste the following link into a browser

This will download the dmg file, which you need to double click on to run it

On running the dmg file you will be presented with this screen

Double click on the MEDIALecture icon to install

The following message may then appear

If this message appears go to Settings -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy on your Mac

Click the Lock to make changes

Then Log in and Click Unlock

Now Click "Open Anyway" where indicated below

The App will now launch and show the following Splash Screen - Click OK

If you use MEDIALecture in your organisation's MEDIAL site then go to that web address and log in using your usual credentials. Contact if you need assistance finding this site address, and we will connect you with organisations' support contact

Once logged in click on the Record Icon at the top of the page

MEDIALecture will launch - Click to Record your Screen and/or Webcam

Follow this video if in doubt

If you use MEDIALecture in an LMS like Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas - log into your LMS, and relaunch MEDIALecture by clicking on Record Screen

For specific videos on recording your screen via your LMS with MEDIALecture go to:


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