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Next Planned Event
Helix Media Library User Group 2014

When: Friday, November 28th, 2014, 10AM - 4:30 PM
Where:  Imperial College London - (South Kensington Campus), Lecture Theatre G34, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College Road, London SW7 2AZ 

At this event we'll cover:


  • Tutorials on using the new features in v3.0

  • Preview of new live streaming and webcam capture features for v4.0

  • Best practice advice on making your solution resilient and scalable

  • User Presentations from other organisations

  • Plus much, much more.....




Best Practices for Enterprise YouTube Deployment

Recent Webinars
Helix Media Library v3.0 Release Webinar 

Date Recorded: 31st Jul 2014

Running Time: 00:50:37

Presenter(s):  Rob Thomas / Miguel Egas


Helix Media Library Webinar presented on July 2014, in North America. Rob presents the use of the plug ins for Moodle and BlackBoard. Miguel presents a preview of the Live Features and the multi-encoding options coming in v4.0


Helix Media Library v2.5 Release Webinar 

Date Recorded: 1st May 2013 

Running Time: 00:55:53

Presenter(s): Chris Dowlen / Rob Thomas / Dave Witherden


This webinar is designed for existing users of Helix Media Library to showcase the new features of v2.5. There is a detailed run through of all of the new features of the version plus a Q&A session with customers.


Effective Use of Video in your Learning Management System

Date Recorded: 20th March 2013

Running Time: 00:42:55

Presenter: Rob Thomas


Using digital media in the education space is not commonplace anymore; it has become a necessity. From live lectures, to online labs and distance learning programs, educators have enough to worry about.In this webinar you’ll learn how non-technical users can easily upload and embed media, as well as making sure the content is available for the widest number of devices.


Creating a YouTube-like experience within your organisation

Date Recorded: 27th September 2012

Running Time: 00:48:40

Presenter: Rob Thomas


At this webinar learn how to:* Determine the main considerations involved in setting up your own YouTube-like experience in your organisation.* Upload and convert your existing video and audio assets.* Provide a quick and easy way for users to search and embed video within your Blackboard, Moodle or Sharepoint environments.* Secure your content using your existing Directory Services.* Stream video and audio to desktops, Smartphones and tablets.


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