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Helix Media Library Update

Helix Media Library becomes MEDIAL


We wrote to our customers and RealNetworks licensees in November 2014 informing them that RealNetworks had discontinued licensing Helix products to end users and that the Helix Media Library product management was being taken over by us directly at Streaming Ltd

Since welcoming them on board as direct customers we have been working tirelessly on developing new versions of the product within which there will be some exciting changes


We have also been working hard to transition to a new name and brand which symbolizes Streaming Ltd's core values and competences





Our product has been rebranded as "MEDIAL" effective from v4.0 utilizing the domain for our product web site. This will be the "go to" site for full product information and events

Our decision to rebrand was guided by several factors but most of all to signal a fresh start and an exciting future for the product in the wake of RealNetworks' Helix product announcement last year  

We have had so many people ask us when and what the product would be rebranded as, so we apologize it took so long. We hope you like the new brand and web site as much as we do!

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New features and technology


In v4.0 we introduced both web cam capture as well as live streaming capabilities, amongst many other enhancements

We also transitioned customers away from Helix Universal Server and into the industry leading streaming server - Wowza Streaming Engine. The transition is simple, painless and involves absolutely no changes from an end user perspective

We will provide full assistance with upgrading and provided you are under an upgrade and support agreement there will be no additional cost incurred

The Future



All existing customer support agreements for Helix Media Library will be honored now and going forward by Streaming Ltd. The product will remain largely unchanged in terms of function and immediate product roadmap, with many new and exciting feature enhancements already planned for release

Streaming Ltd is delighted to welcome customers from RealNetworks and very much look forward to having them on board for the extremely exciting future that is mapped out


About Streaming Ltd



Streaming Ltd is an independent, privately owned and funded business, based near London in the United Kingdom. We have operated profitably since being founded in 2008, developing and providing the Helix Media Library solution to hundreds of customers all over the globe


Further questions?



It goes without saying that should you require any clarification on the above or would like to set up a call with anyone here at Streaming Ltd we are happy to do so and to provide you any further reassurance you may need on this subject. Equally, you can feel free to contact us directly using the details below


Contact Details



Streaming Ltd


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