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Permission, Request, Approve and Edit.

Our Closed Captions Features gives your users everything they need.

Lecturers and Content Creators want quick, easy and cost effective ways to add closed captions to their videos! The MEDIAL Closed Captions feature allows Lecturers and Content Creators to upload new video or select existing content, and then seamlessly request closed captions to be added either through MEDIAL or in the LMS.


Once the captions added to the video, they can then edit them through an simple editor to ensure accuracy. The permissions to request captions can be managed by administrators who can also create an approval workflow 

Watch this short video overview, then fill out the form below

and get your free trial started.

Free Trial: Closed Captions

Please fill up this form and we will send you log in details enabling you to upload content and edit your closed captions

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