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With MEDIAL LMS MOODLE integration even “great” can be better.

Our Learning Management Systems Plug-ins give teachers and students everything they need to augment the lesson experience with Streaming Media. With our MEDIAL integration we are able to equip the LMS with a repository (library) that allows the management, organization and delivery of all content that ultimately will be fed in via our LMS plug-in.  


MEDIAL is a complete streaming system that easily boosts your existing LMS solution and provides a smooth and easy-to-use workflow to stream content for everyone: administrators, teachers and students. So you keep doing what you’ve already been doing — just a lot better.

Upload, Respond and Grade.

Our Moodle Plugin gives Lecturers and Students everything they need.

Lecturers and Students want to use Moodle in new and exciting ways and they want to use Video! The MEDIAL Moodle Plugin allows Lecturers to upload new video or select existing content, and then either add this to Course Pages or create Video Assignments.


Students can then respond to the Video Assignments set by the Lecturer and also receive video feedback on their response via the Grade Book. 

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Video Upload and Transcode

Uploading Video & Audio to Moodle itself can be problematic in terms of storage and delivery of media content.

MEDIAL provides  a way of uploading media large files to a central publishing point stored off of Moodle and delivered as streaming media.

Video Assignments and Assessments

Video being used as a tool for Assessment is becoming common place but Lecturers and Students need a secure way of doing this.

MEDIAL enables lecturers to create video based assignments that students can respond to with video, safe in the knowledge that their content is secure.

Grade Book Integration

Making and uploading a video assignment is just the start of the process.

MEDIAL Moodle Plugin hooks into the Moodle Grade Book allowing lecturers to view student video assignments and grade them all without leaving Moodle.

Streams to All Devices

There are a vast array of devices that can be used to playback media and users expect their device to be properly supported by whatever systems they use.

MEDIAL does all of the hard work for you in terms of transcoding content to work across all devices from within Moodle


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