MEDIAL - The Complete Streaming System Made Simple.

Imagine a video and audio streaming system that flawlessly works behind the scenes, allowing you to Create, Manage, Deliver and View all your content within an all-inclusive turnkey solution. Now imagine a solution that can actually boost the learning management system that your organization is already using and take the difficulty out of streaming while giving you more control, more engagement, and more ways to communicate – all with less work.


Well, there is no need to imagine it because such a solution exists! It’s called MEDIAL and it is already used by hundreds of organizations all over the world to simplify the way they stream their content. 


For education and for enterprise, MEDIAL is the solution you’ve been looking for.


It’s ok, now you know

 MEDIAL makes it easy to create content with your favorite tools. Use our MEDIALive App for recording your special moments. Use our screen capture tool MEDIALecture — or third-party encoders — to capture your prepared presentation from any Mac or PC. MEDIALecture is a site license which also allows trainers, students and staff to create or respond to assignments in an easily organized workflow. Use our MEDIALibrary option to upload new content or ingest previously created content. 
 With MEDIAL and the MEDIALibrary you can organize and secure your media by using our Active Directory Integration module, or by creating users and groups on the fly. Additional organization is simple with a variety of categories and tags that allow you to create a tailored viewing experience, and our built-in search feature makes it easy to call up content. MEDIAL is fully scalable to meet your institution’s every need. 
 Deliver the contents of your internal MEDIALibrary by tapping into the power of a full-function delivery solution from the streaming space leader Wowza Streaming Engine. MEDIAL is your personal CDN, formatting and delivering your Live and On-Demand content directly to your audience whether they are on a mobile device or a desktop. And you can rest assured that you will always reach your audience by converting the source content with multi-bitrate playback. 
MEDIAL makes it simple to view, play and share all media content stored in the MEDIALibrary. Our system has a variety of viewing options, such as an easy-to-share, browser-based viewing page, and an internal portal viewing page, which provides additional viewing management.
Player pages are designed to enhance viewer engagement with branding, closed captions, user comments, chapters and attachments that are associated with your media. By integrating JWPlayer within MEDIAL, your content is beautifully displayed on all screen types from mobile to desktop. Further engage your viewers with a fully responsive media player that provides multi-speed playback, VR, 3D or full HD video playback.

Even “great” can be better.


Our Learning Management Systems Plug-ins give teachers and students everything they need to augment the lesson experience with Streaming Media. With our MEDIAL integration we are able to equip the LMS with a repository (library) that allows the management, organization and delivery of all content that ultimately will be fed in via our LMS plug-in.  


MEDIAL is a complete streaming system that easily boosts your existing LMS solution and provides a smooth and easy-to-use workflow to stream content for everyone: administrators, teachers and students. So you keep doing what you’ve already been doing — just a lot better.


For education and for enterprise

An all-in-one solution to help organizations with media management from start to finish. MEDIAL means 'in the middle'. We sit in between those who want to publish content and those who want to view it. 
MEDIAL will help leverage the resources of your organization to bring out the most in your Learning Management System.


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