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Today, business is changing faster than ever. Are you keeping up? 


Technology is constantly evolving. Faster Internet, faster computers, tablets and smartphones, and faster results have all become part of our society. We are used to interacting from anywhere and with anyone across the globe. This digital life has become our everyday life.


With more and more people working remotely, it's crucial to have a business that is able to stay connected with its employees, train them and keep virtual teams on the same page, even from thousands of miles away. 


With MEDIAL working behind the scenes for your company, your employees will be able to train and participate in exciting new interactive ways. Creating, managing, delivering and viewing content is easier than ever! 


MEDIAL allows trainers and employees to easily interact and communicate with streaming content that works within your current learning environment. 


Did you know there’s a simple way to live-stream staff meetings, company events, training sessions and more — all without having to learn complicated new systems? 


You won't believe how easy it is!


MEDIAL Is the Complete Streaming System Made Simple.


Now You Know.


MEDIALibrary, the foundation of our media platform, has everything you need to create, organize, manage and deliver your content.


A complete, easy-to-use content management system for streaming your organization’s live events and delivering your VoD Media, driven by Wowza's Streaming Engine.


MEDIAL makes it easy to create content using your favorite tool, and you can use MEDIALive for capturing and streaming your most important moments as they happen. 


With MEDIALecture you can prepare your lessons by capturing the entire presentation from your desktop. If you have content that you’ve already created, that’s fine too — simply add it to the MEDIALibrary where you’ll have easy access to it from the library or your LMS!


Once your content has been added to the Library, you can organize and secure it. Easily arrange it with categories and tags to create a viewing experience based on interests and users credentials.


The built-in search feature allows you to find any content using a combination of variables.

MEDIAL - The Complete Streaming System Made Simple.

  • Seamless integration with custom plug-ins for LMS

  • Stream content, rather than downloading it, to any screen — mobile and desktop

  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface

  • On premise, on the cloud or a hybrid installation


Now You Know.

MEDIAL automatically creates a web browser and portal viewing page for all the content uploaded to the Library, making it effortless to share it with your audience. Each asset within MEDIAL has its own unique player page. 


JWPlayer is the MEDIAL player of choice. There is no better way to perfectly display your content on all screen types and sizes, from mobile to desktop. It’s a fully responsive player that also allows multi-speed playback, VR, 3D and full HD videos.

MEDIAL makes it simple to create your own internal content library. No need to upload events for those who missed it — our active archiving feature will take care of storing your content for you!


MEDIAL is a full-function delivery solution powered by the industry leader Wowza Streaming Engine. It is your own private content network that delivers your live and on-demand content directly to your audience.


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