MEDIALive - Education
Take the pain out of creating a live broadcast.  All that you need to connect with your audience over the internet. MEDIALive will allow you to easily reach distance learners.  Capture the moment with your entire audience. Create Live lessons and Broadcast School events, while capturing them as VoD with our Auto Archiving feature.
Mobile Streaming App
Live Workflow
Take all the pain out of creating a live event. MEDIAL Wizard creates professional looking viewing screens in minutes with our step by step process.  From Pre-Event to Post-Event utilize 4 different Web-Screens to promote your event, while sharing a single URL with your audience.
Adaptive Bitrate
Active Archiving
No Need to upload your event for those that missed it.  Active archive will take care of that and allow VoD viewing on the same URL.
Request attendees register for an event or use a simple password to protect your event from unwanted eyes.
Live Channels
Create as many live channels and needed across your institution
Security from within
Active Directory and LDAP Support
IP restriced access
Easily update the look and feel of your Video Library with Branding header and hero image.
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