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Friday, December 1st, 2017 | London Metropolitan University

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MEDIAL User Group 2017

Europe, Middle East, and Africa:

Start time:

10am - 4pm (UK)
11am - 5pm (CET) 


Approx Agenda

10am (UK) / 11am (CET)
Introduction & v5.0 Run through

10:45am (UK) / 11:45am (CET)
Wowza Technology Update

12:00pm (UK) / 13:00pm (CET)
Customer Showcase - London Metropolitan

12:45pm (UK) / 13:45pm (CET)

13:45pm (UK) / 14:45pm (CET)
Customer Showcase - UCL

14:15pm (UK) / 15:15pm (CET)
Customer Showcase - University of Brighton

14:45pm (UK) / 15:45pm (CET) 
v6.0 Preview

This is the agenda:


  • Tutorials on using features in v5.0 of MEDIAL

  • Preview of v6.0 MEDIAL including Closed Captions and Analytics 

  • 360 VR Streaming Demo

  • User Presentations from other organizations using MEDIAL


Of course, lunch and refreshments will be provided should you attend in person. We are unable to live stream more than audio and video at the moment. We are working on it ;)


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