Parts sources

This page lists parts sources that I have either used myself or just heard about. I cannot guarantee your satisfaction, purchasing from any of the sources listed here are at your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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Parts Dealers - General

email: Att: Ray Bradtke

NOS parts sometimes available GT550, T500, T250, GT250 parts also available
Factory GT750 parts book copies available
Services: Used parts for GT750 Suzuki '72 to '77

Complete GT750 bikes for sale !!!
Phone 03 9439 7005

Parts books for GT750, able to supply them (photocopied, bound,
plastic covers, A4 dbl sided) for $60AUD. These cover all models from J to
A. Can also provide parts books from K to B.

T500 Gearbox gears

Håkan Morén in Sweden remanufactures T500 gearbox gears. These have shown a good track record after testing by other scandinavian Suzuki club members. See his gear page for info (Swedish).

Seat Covers

ELDORADO Motorcycle Seat Restoration (Tony O'Connor) in Adelaide, Australia is known to produce very authentic and quality seat covers for vintage motorcycles. They can restore your entire seat as well. See this GT750 J/K seat cover made by them for a norwegian owner.
See also the seat I got from Eldorado !

Here's a restoration resource in the U.S :


Carb kits for GT750 CV Carburettors (1974-)(info updated Sept 04, 2002)

Also kits for GT550, GT380, T500

Now $13.86 per carb (=new price!) + shipping. Email:

Steve Lloyd, L. LLOYD LTD., 2122 union Ave., Erie, PA 16510 USA.

Kits are also available for gt550,gt380, T500,gt250 at the same price.
The kits include: main-jet metering rod{needle} & circlip, pilot jet, main jet, gaskets, washers, choke plunger & spring, Float-needle & seat. Steve has for sale 1000's of carb kits, piston kits, and gasket kits for early Japanese motorcycles

Performance/appearance enhancing equipment